The 11 Best Donuts in Boston

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The 11 Best Donuts in Boston

Whether you’re team savory (hello, maple bacon) or sweet (we saw you eyeing that chocolate ganache), the best donuts in Boston will win you over. Sold at old-school mom-and-pops, trendy bakeries, and even lauded restaurants, our city’s finest confections range from classic to innovative. The next time you have a hankering for some sugar, get your fix at one of these superior donut purveyors. And if you’re looking for something more substantial in the A.M., check out the best breakfast and best brunch spots in Boston. For folks with serious sweet teeth, here’s where to find Boston’s best desserts and best pies.

1. Kane’s Donuts

For 60+ years, the nationally-renowned Kane’s Donuts has pleased the masses with its dozens of doughy offerings each day. The Downtown Boston location in the Financial District keeps worker bees buzzing throughout the day, while Kane’s two Saugus spots bring happiness to the North Shore. In addition to traditional favorites like Honey Dip and monthly flavors, you can also find unique staples, such as Turtle (the candy, not the animal). Gluten-free varieties are available.

2. Mass Hole Donuts

Situated in Somerville’s Teele Square, Mass Hole Donuts specializes in bite-sized donuts—and biting wit. The shop, which also has a pop-up outpost in the Seaport, serves donut holes and only donut holes (their slogan is even “Donut ask us for the bigger ones”). Each week, Mass Hole rotates its menu, offering a different half-dozen of its impressive 60+ flavors. As if the name didn’t tip you off, this place also loves to flaunt its state pride, so its donut names include clever puns, local landmarks, and pop-culture callbacks.

3. Blackbird Doughnuts

Blackbird knows the difference between raised donuts (made with a brioche dough) and cake donuts (made with buttermilk and sour cream), and it’s perfected the art of both. Keep an eye out for offbeat flavors, such as sesame sriracha, blackberry lavender, and everything bagel. This shop started in the South End but now boasts six additional locations throughout the Boston area: Beacon Hill, Fenway, Cambridge, Brighton, Watertown, and Newton.

4. Doughboy Donuts & Deli

This no-frills joint in South Boston has been a fixture for more than 40 years. Craving a donut at 3am (probably after you’ve hit up one too many bars on West Broadway)? You’ll find a wide variety of fresh ones at any hour: Maple Frosted, Honey Dip, Boston Cream, Fruity Pebble, crullers, and more. Even the drive-thru is 24 hours, so you can indulge any hour of the day or night.

5. Anna’s Hand Cut Donuts

How can you tell this place is a relic? “Do-nut” is hyphenated in the sign, it’s cash only, and it closes at 1pm. But what’s old is still delicious, which is why regional residents trek over to West Roxbury to grab a dozen from this tiny shop. Here, the donuts are light and fluffy; coconut and honey dip are two of the musts, as well as a jelly stick that might take two people to consume.

6. Brassica Kitchen

Located across the street from the Forest Hills T station, this hip JP spot serves gourmet coffee and pastries during the day. On any given morning, guests can find about a half-dozen different kinds of donuts, whose flavors regularly rotate. Be sure to get there early, as these sweet treats usually sell out fast.

7. Twin Donuts

Want a donut? Go to the light—the pink neon light shining above Twin Donuts in Allston. This long-standing shop’s 1950s facade is a neighborhood icon, as are its cheap, tasty treats. This little spot opens at 6am, making it a regular haunt for early risers and night owls alike.

8. Back Door Donuts

Originally hailing from Martha’s Vineyard, Back Door Donuts has made its way onto the mainland, taking up residency at Loretta’s Last Call. The late-night pop-up doles out “Donuts After Dark” to the crowds on Lansdowne Street every night from 7pm-2am. While they’re best known for their gigantic apple fritters, the folks at Back Door also offer all of the classics—chocolate frosted, cinnamon sugar, Boston cream, and more.


Homemade Greek honey donuts, known as loukoumades, are basically a far superior take on the Dunkin’ munchkin—and they’re the perfect way to satisfy a sugar hankering without going overboard. Go to any of’s four locations throughout Boston and you can take your pick from three loukoumades, including the Classic, Bougatsa, and Yaya’s.

10. Saloniki

With five locations throughout Boston and Cambridge, Saloniki is keeping much of the metro area satisfied with its Greek donute (aka loukoumades). Topping options for these delicate pillows of dough include sour cherries, Nutella and baklava, carameli and pistachio, olive oil and sea salt, and hot honey.

11. Dunkin

You can’t swing a cruller without hitting a Dunks (there are 85 in Boston alone). This beloved national chain—and, dare we say, treasure—first opened its doors in Quincy in 1948, filling our lives with morning treats and regular iced coffees. With 50+ donut flavors, including seasonal favorites, the old, reliable Dunkin keeps us running on sugar.

Now that you know where to find the best donuts in Boston, go indulge in these delectable treats and satisfy your sweet tooth. Don’t forget to explore other culinary delights in the city, such as the best breakfast and brunch spots, best desserts, and best pies. Boston is a food lover’s paradise, and these donut shops are just the beginning of your gastronomic adventure.

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