Experience the Best of Boston from the Comfort of Your Own Home

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The Best of Boston: Your Guide to Time In

Don’t want to pry yourself off the couch and away from your streaming services of choice? We support you. You can still enjoy the best bits of culture, food, and drink that Boston has to offer without ever having to leave your house. Here, we give you all of the ways to experience the best of the city (and beyond) from within your own four walls—from the most delicious takeout in your neighborhood to the most popular films to watch online in the world. Read on for great tips for Time In, as recommended by Time Out staff.

Delivery and takeout options in Boston

  • Food delivery from local restaurants: The most delicious way to support local businesses is with a feast for you and your crew—at home.
  • The best flower delivery services in Boston: Because there’s nothing like a bouquet of beautiful blooms to brighten someone’s day.
  • The best grocery delivery options in Boston: No need to push a cart through endless aisles—get your groceries the easy way instead.
  • The best pizza spots in The Hub: Enjoy slice after slice with friends or solo, preferably right in front of the TV.
  • The finest Chinese food in town: From moo shu to lo mein, dig into some takeout… in your own digs.

Arts and culture from your couch

  • Boston-themed streams to watch and listen to while staying home: See locally-filmed movies, learn more about the city, or check in on recent shows from local chefs and celebs.
  • Enjoy these Boston museums and cultural institutions from your home: Click around and enjoy these top attractions from the comfort of home.
  • Travel the country without leaving home: Take virtual tours of America’s greatest national parks on Google Earth. You can take online journeys far and wide—all while wearing sweatpants.
  • The most stunning castles in the USA: You don’t have to book a flight to Europe to see a medieval ruin.
  • The most scenic train rides in America: In this age of planes and automobiles, train travel offers a wildly atmospheric throwback.
  • The best places to visit in the USA: Add this essential collection to your 2022 travel bucket list.

More Time In

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