Embark on a Ramen Journey Through Boston’s Best Restaurants

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The Best Ramen Restaurants in Boston

Looking for a steaming hot bowl of delicious ramen in Boston? Look no further! From Fenway to the Seaport, the city is filled with amazing ramen shops that cater to all your noodle-craving needs. We’ve compiled a list of the top ramen spots in town, so get ready to slurp your way through Boston’s best ramen joints.


Located in Davis Square, Tsurumen is a hidden gem that specializes in delicate Osaka-style ramen. The simple and minimalist setting allows you to fully appreciate the steaming bowls of flavorful broth, tender pork, and fresh ramen noodles. Don’t miss their special collaborations with different chefs, and be prepared to wait in line for a bowl of their amazing ramen.

Sapporo Ramen

For a quick and satisfying bowl of ramen, head to Sapporo Ramen in Porter Square. Open since 1990, this classic ramen joint offers an extensive menu with various soup bases and toppings. Whether you choose soy sauce, miso, or spicy miso, you’ll be treated to a hearty and flavorful bowl of ramen that will leave you wanting more.


Conveniently located in Back Bay, Santouka is a popular spot for students and tourists looking for a fast and nourishing bowl of ramen. Their signature tonkatsu ramen is made by simmering pork bones for 20 hours, resulting in a rich and flavorful broth. Don’t miss their toroniku ramen, made with tender pork cheek meat, or their vegetarian option that proves meatless ramen can be just as delicious.

Mecha Noodle Bar

Hailing from Connecticut, Mecha Noodle Bar has opened up locations in the Seaport and Brookline, bringing their mouthwatering ramen to Boston. Their spicy miso ramen packs a nice kick without overpowering the flavors, while their tonkotsu ramen is made with a flavorful 24-hour pork broth. Don’t forget to try their boozy bubble tea, like the creamy Thai iced tea spiked with whiskey.

Ganko Ittetsu Ramen

If you’re looking for authentic Sapporo-style ramen, look no further than Ganko Ittetsu Ramen in Brookline. This tiny shop offers a few tables and counter seats, allowing you to watch the chefs at work. Their wok-made ramen is packed with rich flavors, thanks to the combination of chicken and pork in the broth. Keep an eye out for their new location opening in Braintree in the summer of 2024.

Ramen Red White

Nestled in Back Bay, Ramen Red White offers a unique menu that caters to plant-based eaters. All of their options are vegan, but don’t let that fool you—these bowls of ramen are bursting with flavor. Their Dragon Breath ramen is rich in umami and spice, featuring vegan meat, tofu, and mushrooms. It’s the perfect choice if you’re looking for a satisfying and meat-free ramen experience.

Yume Wo Katare

Prepare for a quirky and delicious ramen experience at Yume Wo Katare in Porter Square. This tiny Cambridge spot serves up Jiro-style ramen, with huge bowls of thick noodles and savory beef. After finishing your meal, be prepared to share your dreams out loud with everyone in the restaurant. And if you can’t get enough of their amazing ramen, they recently opened a second outpost in the Seaport.


If you’re in the Fenway/Kenmore area, don’t miss out on Hojoko. This quirky izakaya, located within the Verb Hotel, offers creative maki rolls, tiki drinks, and off-the-wall dishes like the BLT okonomiyaki. Their ramen is equally edgy, featuring a 48-hour chicken broth. Choose from options like the Funky Chicken or the Spicy Miso for a unique and flavorful ramen experience.

Hakata Ramen

Take a trip on the Red Line to Quincy and discover Hakata Ramen, known for their savory pork bone broth. This cozy spot offers a variety of ramen options, including tonkotsu, miso, and tan tan, all of which can be made spicy. If you’re in the mood for more than noodles, they also serve sushi and donburi.

Little Big Diner

Head to Newton and indulge in bold and flavorful ramen at Little Big Diner. Alongside their rice bowls and pan-Asian small plates, their ramen selection is a major draw. From paitan to miso to shoyu, each bowl is packed with ingredients like wood ear mushroom and pickled bamboo shoots. For the ultimate ramen experience, try the Chef’s Ultra Ramen—it’s a taste of everything.

Totto Ramen

With locations in NYC and Taipei, Totto Ramen brings its thick and hearty paitan-style ramen to Boston’s Allston/Brighton neighborhood. Choose from char siu pork or chicken, or opt for their vegetarian version with a seaweed and shitake base. Customize your bowl with delicious toppings like spicy bamboo shoots or a seasoned boiled egg. And if you’re feeling extra hungry, go for the oversized mega ramen.

Bosso Ramen Tavern

A relative newcomer to the ramen scene, Bosso Ramen Tavern in Harvard Square offers a unique twist on traditional ramen. Inspired by the Boso Peninsula, their rotating menu features ramen with names like emni and karami, each with its own distinct flavors. Don’t miss their umami-rich small dishes like norishio fries and sushi, which perfectly complement their delicious ramen.


Housed in Central Square, Pagu is not just a ramen spot—it’s a culinary adventure. Chef Tracy Chang’s famous midnight ramen is now on the menu, alongside modern Japanese small plates. The house-made alkaline noodles, flavorful broth, and perfectly cooked pork belly make for a satisfying bowl of ramen. And with a sleek and welcoming space, Pagu is the perfect spot to indulge in a bowl of this Japanese comfort food.

Get ready to embark on a ramen journey in Boston with these top-notch ramen restaurants. Each shop offers a unique and delicious ramen experience that will leave you craving more. So grab your chopsticks and get ready to slurp your way through the city’s best ramen spots!

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