The Best Cheap Eats at Time Out Market Boston

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The Best Cheap Eats at Time Out Market Boston

Student-budget-friendly items to try during move-in weekend

Boston is a vibrant city that attracts thousands of college students each year. While Boston has a reputation for being expensive, there are plenty of affordable dining options for students. One of the best places to find cheap eats is Time Out Market Boston, which is conveniently located near some of the city’s top colleges and universities. We’ve curated a list of our top student-budget-friendly items that you have to try this semester. And if you’re looking for more affordable dining options throughout Boston, be sure to check out our guide as well.


Known for its healthy Mediterranean fare, anoush’ella offers a variety of hearty dishes that are or less. Some must-try items include:

  • Chef Mezze Sampler () – A sampling of hummus, labne, baba-ganoush, falafel, walnut harissa, and flatbread.
  • Individual Mezee (.50) – Choice of one item from the Chef Mezze Sampler and flatbread.
  • Fattoush Salad () – Mixed greens, tomato, cucumber, red pepper, onion, fresh herbs, and pomegranate vinaigrette.
  • Lentil Rice with Zataar Chicken Grain Bowl () – Armenian Salad, labne, walnut harissa, pickled turnip.
  • Anoush’ella Beef Kofta (.50) – Hummus, sumac onion, tahini, zhouk, and a side of baba ganoush.
  • Rice Pudding (.25)


Cusser’s is a great place to get a taste of New England. They offer several signature items that are or less, including:

  • Fish Tacos () – Crispy fish, cabbage slaw, pickled onions, cilantro, jalapenos, and Thoreau sauce.
  • Clam Chowder (.50)
  • All Roast Beef Sandwiches ()

Gogo Ya

If you want to experience one of Boston’s top restaurants without breaking the bank, check out Gogo Ya. They offer the following affordable options:

  • for 1 sushi taco (all options)
  • Maki Rolls & Handrolls – Avocado Maki (), Salmon Maki (), Spicy Tuna Maki ()
  • Miso Soup () – Wakame, local tofu, shitake mushroom, scallions
  • Edame () – With Malden sea salt


At InChu, you can enjoy a delicious bowl starting at . Each bowl comes with a choice of BBQ Chicken, Ginger Beef, or Vegetarian, and a base of organic greens or jasmine rice. Try their Korean BimBimBap or Thai Pad Krapow for a flavorful experience.


Schlow’s is known for its classic sandwiches created by one of Boston’s top chefs. Indulge in their Caprese Sandwich or Meatball Parmesan for a satisfying meal.

Ms. Cluck’s Deluxe

Chicken and waffles are always a good idea, especially at Ms. Cluck’s Deluxe. Try their Karaage Chicken & Waffles or Cajun Karaage Chicken Sando for a mouthwatering experience. They also offer Chicken, Broccoli & Cheddar Gyoza with a crispy cheesy frico crust.


If you’re craving a gourmet burger, NuBurger is the place to go. Their Fenway NuBurger and Spicy Cauliflower are both under . Don’t forget to add some Haloumi Fries or Parmesan-Truffle Fries on the side.

Say Coffee

While Say Coffee is known for its delicious coffee, boba, and tea drinks, they also serve tasty and affordable crepes. Try their Nutella La or A Day at Say for a sweet treat, or go for their Savory Crepes like the Secret Garden or Tuscan Chicken.

Taqueria El Barrio

For a budget-friendly Taco Tuesday, head to Taqueria El Barrio. They offer a variety of tacos, quesadillas, and nachos with fillings like Asada, Pastor, Carnitas, Chicken, Vegan Chorizo, and Birria. Don’t forget to try their Plain Quesadilla or add some protein to your quesadilla.

Union Square Donuts

No dining experience is complete without a donut, and Union Square Donuts are the go-to spot for gourmet donuts in Boston. With a range of classic, specialty, and vegan options, you’re sure to find the perfect donut to satisfy your cravings. They even offer Donut Holes by the dozen.

Next time you’re in Boston and looking for affordable dining options, make sure to check out Time Out Market Boston. With its proximity to colleges and universities, you can enjoy delicious meals without breaking the bank. From Mediterranean fare to gourmet burgers and donuts, there’s something to satisfy every craving. So grab your friends and explore the diverse culinary options that Boston has to offer!

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