Boston-Based Blue Flag Capital Expands to Jackson Hole with Two Historic Hotels

Blue Flag Capital, Boston, Jackson Hole

Boston’s Blue Flag Capital Expands to Jackson Hole

New Englanders looking to chase the snow now have a familiar hospitality brand to turn to out west. Blue Flag Capital, a Boston-based company known for curating exceptional hospitality experiences, has recently made its way to Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

The acquisition of two hotels in Teton Village, the Alpenhof and Snake River Lodge, marks Blue Flag Capital’s entrance into the Jackson Hole market. According to Brad Guidi, the CDO and Co-Founder of Blue Flag Capital, these two properties were a perfect fit for their portfolio. Guidi explains that they seek a certain indescribable spark in each location they consider, and both the Alpenhof and Snake River Lodge possess that special quality.

With a history dating back to Christmas 1965, the Alpenhof holds a special place in Teton Village and Jackson Hole. When asked about potential updates or changes to this historical property, CEO Jason Brown emphasizes the importance of preserving the past while building upon it. Brown states, “We want to honor what made the Snake River Lodge and Alpenhof great. We believe that honoring historical properties means honoring the people and the hospitality, which is what truly makes a property special.”

One aspect that Blue Flag Capital is particularly excited to explore is the après ski scene. No ski town or ski vacation is complete without a vibrant après bar. Ricki Millington, the Director at Blue Flag Capital, reveals that their goal is to create a space that both locals and guests will want to hang out at. They plan to form partnerships that embrace authenticity and cater to the “two more runs, skip the last” mentality.

While each Blue Flag Capital property is unique, Bostonians who have enjoyed the company’s New England hotels and restaurants can expect the same dedication to authenticity and upscale hospitality when they plan their next ski trip out west.

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