Best Places to Eat and Drink in Boston: Recommendations from Eater and Time Out

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Eater, a popular dining out website, has recently announced its picks for the best places to eat and drink in Boston. The selections highlight the ambitious dining scene in the city. Time Out Boston also has its own Best of the City Awards, so there are plenty of recommendations for food and drink enthusiasts to explore. Here are some of the key picks from Eater:

Eater’s Best New Restaurant: Rubato

Rubato is a Quincy cafe that takes inspiration from Hong Kong style diners. It gained attention when the owner of Contempo Bakery, Joyce Chan, passed the restaurant down to her son and daughter-in-law. Rubato serves modern versions of Cantonese and Hong Kong comfort foods. Eater recommends trying their crispy fried chicken sandwich on a bolo bao, or their savory bowls of ji cheung fun with beef brisket.

Time Out’s Pick for Best New Restaurant: Prima

Prima, located in Charlestown, is a restaurant that combines both old and new elements. It offers top-notch pastas, steaks, and an impressive wine list. After dinner, visitors can even sneak into the speakeasy located in the back of the restaurant.

Eater’s Best New Bar: Birds of Paradise

Birds of Paradise is a cocktail bar located at the Charles River Speedway in Brighton. The bar draws inspiration from the golden age of travel, with a drink menu that evokes different locations around the world. Eater recommends trying their Big Apple in Lil’ Jalisco, a carbonated mix of tequila and apple cordial.

Time Out’s Best New Bar: The Long Bar at Raffles

The Long Bar at Raffles is a hotel bar located on the 17th floor. It offers a spacious outdoor terrace, a chic interior, and a reasonably priced cocktail list. Time Out suggests ordering the Boston Sling for a local take on the Raffles signature drink, the Singapore Sling.

Eater’s Game Changing Restaurant: Comfort Kitchen

Comfort Kitchen, located in Dorchester, serves dishes inspired by the African diaspora. Some of the highlights include Senegalese yassa chicken, za’atar-brown-butter trout, and jerk jackfruit sliders. Visitors can pair their meals with delicious cocktails, such as the daiquiri.

Eater’s Best Night Out: Grace by Nia

Grace by Nia is a dining and entertainment venue in the Seaport area. It features live music, a stage, a lounge, and a restaurant. The menu includes Southern comfort food classics like oxtail grits and carrot cake chicken and waffles. Eater describes it as a place where everyone is here to have a good time.

Eater’s Best New Pop-Up: Southern Pines Diner Car

Southern Pines Diner Car is a pop-up located in Somerville’s Bow Market. Chef Matthew Bullock, previously from upscale bistro Forage in Cambridge, brings his sandwich engineering skills to the pop-up. One of their standout sandwiches is the Rouxgroux, a Cajun barbecue-spiced chicken thigh sandwich with pickled jalapenos, coleslaw, and American cheese.

If you’re looking for the best places to eat and drink in Boston, these recommendations from Eater and Time Out are sure to satisfy your cravings. Whether you’re in the mood for Cantonese comfort food, craft cocktails, or soulful Southern cuisine, Boston has it all.

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