the best things to do in boston

Best things to do in Boston

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Boston, a city rich in history, bursting with culture, and framed by beautiful landscapes, welcomes travelers with a variety of activities that cater to every interest. This city is a living museum where history meets innovation and tradition meets contemporary vibrancy. From historic sites that narrate tales of the past to lively markets and cutting-edge museums, Boston seamlessly blends its storied past with a dynamic present.

Here are the top 25 things to do in Boston, each offering a unique perspective on what makes this city an unforgettable destination.

ActivityOfficial Web LinkBest For
Freedom TrailWebsiteHistory Buffs, Families
Fenway ParkWebsiteSports Fans, History Enthusiasts
Boston Common and Public GardenWebsiteNature Lovers, Photographers
Museum of Fine ArtsWebsiteArt Enthusiasts, Culture Seekers
North EndWebsiteFoodies, History Buffs
Beacon HillWebsiteArchitecture Aficionados, History Buffs
New England AquariumWebsiteFamilies, Marine Life Enthusiasts
Samuel Adams BreweryWebsiteBeer Lovers, Adult Groups
Isabella Stewart Gardner MuseumWebsiteArt Lovers, History Enthusiasts
Boston Tea Party Ships & MuseumWebsiteHistory Buffs, Families
Harvard UniversityWebsiteAcademics, History Buffs
MIT MuseumWebsiteTech Enthusiasts, Students
Charles River EsplanadeWebsiteOutdoor Enthusiasts, Runners
Boston Symphony OrchestraWebsiteMusic Lovers, Culture Seekers
The Institute of Contemporary ArtWebsiteArt Enthusiasts, Modern Art Fans
Copley SquareWebsitePhotographers, Architecture Buffs
South EndWebsiteFoodies, Art Lovers
Castle IslandWebsiteFamilies, History Buffs
JFK Presidential Library and MuseumWebsiteHistory Buffs, Researchers
Arnold ArboretumWebsiteNature Lovers, Families
Quincy Market and Faneuil Hall MarketplaceWebsiteShoppers, Foodies
Boston Harbor Islands National and State ParkWebsiteAdventurers, Nature Enthusiasts
SalemWebsiteHistory Buffs, Families
Whale WatchingWebsiteNature Enthusiasts, Families
Boston BalletWebsiteCulture Seekers, Dance Aficionados

1. Freedom Trail: A Journey Through History

Embark on an iconic 2.5-mile journey through the Freedom Trail, where each step is a pivotal moment in America’s fight for liberty. Start at Boston Common, the oldest park in the U.S., and follow the red-brick road through 16 historically significant sites. Highlights include the Massachusetts State House, with its majestic golden dome, and the Old State House, where the Declaration of Independence was proclaimed.

For a deeper dive, guided tours offer stories that bring the Revolution to life. Remember to wear comfortable shoes, as this journey through history unfolds on foot through the heart of Boston.

2. Fenway Park: Where Legends Play

Feel the excitement at Fenway Park, a shrine to baseball since 1912. Whether you’re catching a Red Sox game or taking a guided tour, the energy is palpable. Explore the park’s famous features, like the Green Monster, and indulge in classic ballpark fare.

Tours offer a behind-the-scenes look at this historic ballpark, including a visit to the Press Box and a chance to sit atop the world-famous Green Monster. Even if you’re not a baseball aficionado, Fenway’s rich history and unique ambiance make it a must-visit landmark in Boston.

3. Boston Common and Public Garden: Nature’s Heartbeat

In the heart of the city, Boston Common and the Public Garden offer a verdant escape from urban hustle. The Common, dating back to 1634, is a tapestry of history and recreation, hosting celebrations, protests, and leisurely strolls. Adjacent lies the Public Garden, America’s first botanical garden, featuring the iconic Swan Boats that have glided across the lagoon since the 1870s.

Enjoy the meticulously maintained flora, statues, and the famous “Make Way for Ducklings” sculpture. It’s a perfect spot for a picnic, a leisurely walk, or simply soaking in the natural beauty juxtaposed against the cityscape.

4. Museum of Fine Arts: A World of Wonder

Step into the Museum of Fine Arts (MFA), a cultural hub housing over 450,000 works. With collections ranging from ancient Egyptian artifacts to contemporary art, the MFA offers a panorama of human creativity. Highlights include the Art of the Americas Wing and the exquisite Impressionist galleries.

For those intrigued by the ancient world, the museum’s collection of Egyptian treasures is not to be missed. The MFA isn’t just a museum; it’s a vibrant cultural institution offering art classes, lectures, and special events. Whether you’re an art enthusiast or a curious wanderer, the MFA promises a day of discovery and inspiration.

5. North End: Little Italy’s Heartbeat

Step into Boston’s North End and be transported to the charming streets of Little Italy. This neighborhood, the city’s oldest residential community, is a maze of narrow streets brimming with history, culture, and some of the best Italian cuisine outside of Italy.

Explore the historic Paul Revere House and the Old North Church, famous for its “One if by land, two if by sea” signal. Culinary enthusiasts will delight in the myriad of authentic Italian eateries, bakeries, and cafes. A visit to Mike’s Pastry for a cannoli or Modern Pastry for a slice of ricotta pie is a must for anyone with a sweet tooth.

6. Beacon Hill: A Stroll Through Time

Wander through the narrow, gas-lit streets of Beacon Hill, a neighborhood frozen in time with its Federal-style rowhouses and picturesque cobblestones. This historic district is renowned for its beautifully preserved architecture and old Boston charm.

The Massachusetts State House, with its magnificent golden dome, stands at the top of the hill, overlooking the Boston Common. Acorn Street, often said to be the most photographed street in the U.S., offers a quintessential Beacon Hill scene. Local boutiques, antique shops, and cozy cafes line Charles Street, the neighborhood’s main thoroughfare, making it an ideal spot for a leisurely afternoon of exploration.

7. New England Aquarium: An Oceanic Odyssey

Dive into the aquatic world at the New England Aquarium, a global leader in ocean exploration and marine conservation. The centerpiece is the Giant Ocean Tank, a four-story coral reef habitat home to hundreds of Caribbean sea animals. Notable residents include Myrtle the Green Sea Turtle and a vibrant array of tropical fish.

The aquarium also offers a variety of interactive exhibits, including the Penguin Colony and the Shark and Ray Touch Tank. For a unique experience, take a Whale Watch cruise, where you can witness these majestic creatures in their natural ocean habitat.

8. Samuel Adams Brewery: A Taste of Tradition

Explore the art of American craft brewing at the Samuel Adams Brewery. Learn about the brewing process, from hops to bottle, and discover the rich history behind one of America’s favorite beers. The brewery tour offers an immersive experience, complete with tastings of exclusive brews not available anywhere else.

After the tour, relax in the beer garden and enjoy a pint with friends. Whether you’re a beer aficionado or simply curious about the brewing process, Samuel Adams Brewery provides a unique and flavorful insight into a beloved American craft.

9. Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum: An Artistic Sanctuary

Enter the world of Isabella Stewart Gardner, a 19th-century art collector and philanthropist, at her namesake museum. This Venetian-style palace is not just a museum; it’s a glimpse into the life of a woman whose passion for art and culture knew no bounds.

The museum’s collection spans over 7,500 paintings, sculptures, furniture, textiles, and decorative arts. The Courtyard, with its ever-changing horticultural displays, is a tranquil oasis in the heart of the museum. The Gardner Museum is not only a showcase of global art but also a testament to the power of personal vision and the enduring legacy of Isabella Stewart Gardner.

10. Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum: A Revolutionary Experience

Step back in time at the Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum, an immersive, interactive experience that brings a pivotal moment in American history to life. Board authentically restored tea ships, meet costumed interpreters, and even participate in a reenactment of the famous tea toss.

The museum’s multisensory exhibits delve deep into the events and figures that fueled the American Revolution. It’s not just a museum visit; it’s a chance to play a role in one of history’s most iconic acts of defiance.

11. Harvard University: Ivy League Exploration

Explore the hallowed halls of Harvard University, the oldest institution of higher learning in the United States. Stroll through Harvard Yard, admire the historic architecture, and visit the Harvard Art Museums.

Don’t miss the Harvard Museum of Natural History, where you can marvel at the famous Glass Flowers exhibit. Whether you join a student-led tour or wander at your own pace, you’ll feel the pulse of intellectual curiosity and academic excellence that defines this prestigious Ivy League university.

12. MIT Museum: Where Science Meets Innovation

Dive into the world of science and technology at the MIT Museum. Interactive exhibits showcase the cutting-edge research and innovation for which the Massachusetts Institute of Technology is renowned.

From robotics to holography, the museum offers a glimpse into the future through the lens of today’s leading scientists and engineers. It’s a haven for curious minds, where the wonders of invention and discovery come to life.

13. Charles River Esplanade: A Riverside Retreat

Escape the city’s bustle at the Charles River Esplanade, a green oasis stretching along the banks of the Charles River. This scenic park is perfect for a leisurely stroll, a brisk jog, or a relaxing picnic with stunning views of the Boston and Cambridge skylines.

Rent a kayak or a sailboat to enjoy the water up close, or simply unwind on the docks and watch the rowers glide by. The Esplanade is not just a park; it’s a tranquil haven within the city.

14. Boston Symphony Orchestra: A Melodic Masterpiece

Experience the harmonious blend of tradition and innovation at a performance by the Boston Symphony Orchestra (BSO). Regarded as one of the world’s premier orchestras, the BSO offers a diverse program of classical, contemporary, and popular music.

The grandeur of Symphony Hall, with its world-renowned acoustics, provides the perfect backdrop for a night of exquisite music. Whether you’re a classical aficionado or new to the symphony, a performance by the BSO is a sensory feast not to be missed.

15. The Institute of Contemporary Art: A Modern Art Haven

Discover the cutting edge of the art world at The Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA) in Boston’s Seaport District. Housed in a striking building with breathtaking waterfront views, the ICA showcases an ever-changing array of exhibitions by established and emerging artists.

Beyond the galleries, the ICA offers a dynamic lineup of performances, film screenings, and educational programs. It’s a space where art meets innovation, challenging your perceptions and inspiring new ways of thinking.

16. Copley Square: Architectural Elegance

Visit Copley Square, a public square in Boston’s Back Bay neighborhood, celebrated for its architectural landmarks and cultural significance. Marvel at the historic Trinity Church, a masterpiece of Richardsonian Romanesque architecture, and the Boston Public Library, America’s first large free municipal library.

The square is not just a testament to Boston’s architectural heritage but also a vibrant hub for locals and visitors alike, hosting farmers’ markets, concerts, and art fairs throughout the year.

17. South End: A Culinary and Cultural Tapestry

Explore the South End, a neighborhood known for its Victorian brownstone buildings, vibrant arts scene, and culinary delights. Stroll through the SoWa Open Market, visit artist studios, and shop in boutique stores.

The area is a haven for foodies, offering a diverse array of restaurants and cafes that reflect the neighborhood’s multicultural vibe. From upscale dining to cozy bistros, the South End offers flavors and experiences for every palate.

18. Castle Island: A Scenic Getaway

Discover Castle Island, a 22-acre urban park in South Boston, offering panoramic views of the harbor and skyline. The centerpiece is Fort Independence, a historic site dating back to the Revolutionary War.

Enjoy the scenic walking paths, relax on the beach, or watch planes take off and land at the nearby Logan Airport. Castle Island combines history, recreation, and stunning vistas, making it a perfect escape from the city’s hustle and bustle.

19. JFK Presidential Library and Museum: A Tribute to a Legacy

Explore the life and legacy of America’s 35th president at the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum. Situated on a ten-acre park overlooking the sea, the museum houses extensive multimedia exhibits and personal memorabilia of JFK and his family.

Highlights include the replica of the Oval Office and the exhibits on the Space Race and the Cuban Missile Crisis. The library and museum not only honor JFK’s legacy but also inspire visitors to engage with the ideals he championed: courage, freedom, and public service.

20. Arnold Arboretum: A Living Museum of Plants

The Arnold Arboretum, managed by Harvard University, is a verdant paradise showcasing an extensive collection of trees, shrubs, and vines. This 281-acre living museum is not just a place for plant enthusiasts; it’s a sanctuary where nature and science intersect.

Wander through the Bonsai Collection, explore the meadows, or simply relax under the canopy of majestic trees. The Arboretum is a testament to the beauty and diversity of the plant kingdom, offering a peaceful retreat and educational experience in every season.

21. Quincy Market and Faneuil Hall Marketplace: Bustling with History and Flavor

Step into the vibrant atmosphere of Quincy Market and Faneuil Hall Marketplace, a historic hub of commerce and entertainment. This bustling area offers a unique blend of colonial history and modern-day shopping, dining, and street performances.

Explore the selection of shops and stalls, savor culinary delights from around the world, and immerse yourself in the lively ambience. It’s not just a market; it’s a lively social gathering place where the energy of Boston’s past and present converge.

22. Boston Harbor Islands National and State Park: An Island Adventure

Embark on a maritime adventure to the Boston Harbor Islands, a unique national and state park. Accessible by ferry, these islands offer a range of activities, from hiking and picnicking to swimming and historic exploration.

Visit Georges Island, home to the historic Fort Warren, or relax on the sandy beaches of Spectacle Island. Each island has its own unique story and natural beauty, providing a refreshing escape from city life and a different perspective on Boston’s skyline.

23. Salem: A Journey into Witchcraft and Maritime History

Just a short train ride from Boston, Salem beckons with its rich history and cultural heritage. Known for the infamous 1692 witch trials, Salem offers a mix of museums, historic sites, and witch-themed attractions. Don’t miss the Salem Witch Museum and the hauntingly beautiful Witch Trials Memorial.

Beyond its witchcraft lore, Salem boasts a maritime history, stunning architecture, and a vibrant arts scene. Whether you’re a history buff or looking for a unique day trip, Salem casts a spell that’s hard to resist.

24. Whale Watching: Encounter the Ocean’s Giants

Experience the thrill of whale watching on a boat tour from Boston Harbor. These tours offer the chance to witness majestic whales in their natural habitat, a truly awe-inspiring experience.

Expert guides provide insights into the lives of these magnificent creatures, making the journey both educational and exhilarating. With the Boston skyline fading into the distance, the open ocean offers a playground for whales and an unforgettable adventure for you.

25. Boston Ballet: Elegance in Motion

Immerse yourself in the grace and power of dance at a performance by the Boston Ballet. The company, housed in the beautifully restored Boston Opera House, is renowned for its dynamic repertoire that spans classical to contemporary.

Each performance is a display of athleticism, emotion, and artistic excellence, captivating audiences with stories told through movement and music. Whether you’re a devoted dance fan or a newcomer to the ballet, a night with the Boston Ballet is an enchanting experience.

Wrap Up

Boston is a city of history, culture, and innovation, offering a diverse range of experiences to every visitor. From the cobblestone streets of the North End to the peaceful greenery of the Arnold Arboretum, and from the intellectual hubs of Harvard and MIT to the artistic sanctuaries of the city’s museums and theaters, Boston invites exploration and discovery. Each of these 25 destinations offers a unique glimpse into the heart and soul of this remarkable city. Whether you’re a first-time visitor or a lifelong resident, Boston’s treasures are waiting to be uncovered.

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