Boston – one of America’s oldest cities!

Boston, the capital of the Massachusetts, is one of the ten most popular tourist destinations in America.

Boston has more than 16 million tourists each year.

The city of Boston is steeped in history – it was the site of the Boston Tea Party which shaped the American War of Independence

and even today bears the hallmarks of a free-spirited, gutsy city which has its cultural roots quite intact.

The modernization that has taken place in Boston is abundant too,

making Boston a destination for people of all tastes leaving you with an abundance of things to do in Boston.

Boston is packed with tourist sights and attractions, historic places and cultural activities for all members of the family.

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The American society
After Russia and Canada, America is the third largest country in the world. With its 300 million people, America is made up of people from all types of religions, and they speak many languages from all over the world. America is a country seen as a melting pot for bringing many cultures and traditions together.
Most Americans work very hard during the week and they like to organise their week end in order to go to the cinema, or watch a game on Television or in a stadium. They …

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The city of Boston offers a great destination for a city break on the East Coast of the USA. Whether you are travelling alone, with friends, as part of a couple or a family you will be sure to find attractions and entertainment to fill your days and nights during your stay.
Family fun in Boston
Beantown, as it is known locally after the traditional local dish of Boston Baked Beans, is a great choice for family holidays offering a great selection of distractions and amusements that kids will enjoy. Popular choices include:

The …

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Boston is one of America’s cultural gems, often being referred to as ‘The Athens of America’ and ‘The Cradle of Liberty’. Whilst Boston is only a medium sized city, it still manages to live up to the high expectations of tourists. And with four centuries of history to explore, Boston offers both era’s gone by and present modernity for a fantastic trip away.
1. The Freedom Trail
If you want to explore many of Boston’s amazing sights in one day, then taking the 2.5mile Freedom Trail is ideal. You can take an …

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An urban marketplace like no other, Faneuil Hall marketplace is sure to delight all who stop by for a visit. Boston’s central meeting place since the founding of the nation, Faneuil Hall Marketplace combines America’s past and present in a way few other places can. Meeting hall, shops, restaurants and much more are in store for the whole family!
Originally opened as Faneuil Hall, this first building was a gift to the city of Boston by one of the town’s wealthiest men at the time, Peter Faneuil, in 1724. It has …

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Called by many Boston’s hidden jem, a day in Roslindale Village is one nobody will forget easily. Located to the south of Boston’s downtown, this unique village is not easy to find unless you know where you’re going. And once you get there, you might not want to leave!
Roslindale Village takes you back in time with its busy streets in that old-fashioned triangle layout. However, this unique Boston neighborhood is as alive as ever with its wide variety of shops, boutiques, restaurants, bakeries and specialty stores. It also has a …